A gadget that can harness the power of a daily massage and firm those areas that exercise fails to reach? The NuBody sounds too good to be true, so CHANELLE HO tried it out


Your facialist or esthetician has probably already used microcurrents to tighten and tone your face, but this treatment can absolutely be used on the rest of your body, too. NuFace – the brand behind the bestselling DIY Trinity face gadget – has just launched the first FDA-approved microcurrent device for the body that can be used at home. And the results are in…

Microcurrent treatments use low-voltage electrical currents to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin, building and repairing your skin over time. The effect is akin to a daily body massage: tightening, reducing puffiness and improving lymphatic drainage and circulation so that skin looks healthier and feels tauter. It’s best for those areas that no amount of gym and dieting seem to improve.

You can use this device anywhere – I tried arms, abs, buttocks and legs (including inner and outer thighs). It takes five minutes to treat each area and I felt no pain at all. First, apply the Gel Primer, which uses hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin while conducting the microcurrent, then slowly move the device over your skin using upward motions, or hold it over a specific ‘problem’ spot (i.e. dimples or sagging skin) for five minutes. For the first two months, you need to use it five days a week, after which you can transition to just two to three days per week. Once you get the hang of it, you can treat your whole body while catching up on The Handmaid's Tale – it’s that easy.



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